Debt Recovery

Grosvenor achieves results.

This is a fact that is almost certainly due to the high quality of service provided by a well established firm of bailiffs and debt collectors.
Put yourself in the customer’s position; who would you pay - a company attempting to collect their own debts or one of Grosvenor Services' visiting bailiffs or collection officers? The ability to utilise this team of bailiffs and field collection staff located throughout mainland United Kingdom allows us to actually visit your customers at their premises where other methods prove unsuccessful.

Upon receipt of your instructions, we will write to your debtor requesting immediate payment. Often this will result in payment being received. However, where this method is unsuccessful, outbound dialling and field visits will be implemented. We are able to tailor any service exactly to the client's needs. This can involve utilising many other collection strategies, including email, SMS, data profiling and sophisticated outbound dialing technology. If necessary, our litigation department are able to issue proceedings through the Courts.

Our Contact Centre

Our contact centre and field teams work 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturdays to maximise the opportunities to recover your debt.

Our online payment site ( gives customers an opportunity to resolve their debts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outsourcing your debt portfolio to Grosvenor allows you to take away the headache of recovering what is rightfully yours. Our team of highly trained collection agents, working in conjunction with our sophisticated collections technology, will deliver results for you.
Paying Online