Grosvenor Services Group: Mental Health First Aiders are an essential part of the team

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As a global pandemic challenged the routines and day-to-day experiences that we all take for granted, we have become increasingly aware of how fragile our mental health can be. Over the last two years, initiatives to help protect our mental health have taken on greater significance, becoming an invaluable resource for many. Like many employers, here at Grosvenor Services Group we’re keen to support our team wherever we can.

Lloyd Birkhead, managing director, wanted to make sure that the team received the help and support they needed as the situation developed. “We have a very close-knit team here at Grosvenor. Whether field or office based, we all know that we can reach out to a colleague for support if we need it.”

There is, however, still a certain amount of stigma around issues affecting mental health. For a variety of reasons, some people may feel uncomfortable talking about the topic, while others might struggle to understand the myriad of ways mental health issues can present themselves.

“Caring for our mental health is as important as caring for our physical wellbeing” Lloyd continued “that’s why we felt it was important for us to have a group of mental health first aiders available on site”.

Four members of the team, both office and field based, have recently completed an intensive two-day training course. In addition to their daily duties, they are now qualified mental health first aiders.

One of the newly qualified of first aiders said “The course trained us to be aware of the early signs of mental ill-health. We’re not medical experts, but if someone around us is experiencing emotional distress, for example, or struggling with anxiety or depression, we can reach out to them. It might be too difficult for them to say the words to someone else, but if we can broach the subject with them carefully, that could be the first step they need to take towards recovery”.

The last word goes to Lloyd “Volunteering for a role like this takes an enormous amount of compassion. I’m so proud of our colleagues who stepped forward to take on such a valuable role.”

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