Every year, energy theft costs us all £440 million

Meter cheating is a growing problem, costing suppliers and customers alike, and generating serious safety concerns.

No doubt, it’s an issue you’re all too aware of, and one you’re under increasing pressure from your regulator to detect and resolve. But, truly tackling the problem can seem like an uphill struggle. That’s where we can help.

A UK leading service

Let us help you tackle the problem head on. We’re already supporting other energy companies to investigate, and we’d love to help you. Whether you’ve identified suspected theft and abstraction via TRAS, ETTOS or an alternative source, we’ll help you detect trends and advise on the most effective use of field resource.

grosvenor-energy-theft-transformWe can action your field-ready cases or, as an end-to-end solution, also manage your initial office-based investigations; determining which need field investigation

grosvenor-energy-theft-scheduleWe schedule and deploy our UK wide specialist investigation team

grosvenor-revenue-protectionWe conduct a full on-site investigation, detecting and remedying theft and abstraction

grosvenor-energy-theft-shieldWe work with your engineers to isolate the issue and make safe

grosvenor-energy-theft-paymentWe assess theft value and commence payment collection

grosvenor-energy-theft-caseWe fully close each case and provide feedback. We can also store or send back the meter; it’s your choice

Our service not only protects your revenues and ensures you are regulatory compliant; it safeguards your customer relationships too.

And, by proactively investigating energy theft together, we can identify other criminal activities, keep people safe and discourage future tampering.

0 % of billpayers...

think energy companies should do more to tackle energy theft. Current statistics show that 150,000 cases are investigated annually, but only around 1,500 people are charged.

Our results


78% positive outcomes for reactive electric accounts


18 days
average account
completion time


1.6m units of stolen energy identified
per month


89% of accounts are resolved
pre-warrant stage


24k accounts managed
per year


50% positive outcomes for reactive gas accounts


94% average client-verified quality score


97.2% of engineer call outs result in validation of positive outcome


2 day warrant process developed and implemented


Revenue protection: supporting the fight against energy theft

How we support one of the UK’s big six energy providers in the fight against energy theft.

0 % of consumers...

are unaware of energy theft safety risks including the serious and potentially life-threatening risk to their safety.

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