Bridging the gap between service and collections


Early intervention can be the most effective way to engage customers who are not able to, or who fail to, pay bills on time. Often a reminder is all that’s needed to get a customer back on track or provide the additional support they need. Spotting early warning signs and monitoring changes in behaviour can help you act whilst debt is manageable.

We can white label your early arrears function, mirroring your brand and providing customers with a totally seamless brand experience. With our mix of proven debt collection expertise and customer service specialism, you can be sure your customer relationships and brand reputation will be protected as if they were our own.

A white-labelled solution that supports your specific needs

Our service is designed to help you more quickly support those customers who are struggling to pay.

We can operate alongside your in-house teams...
  • extended opening hours
  • specific project work
  • additional capacity
...or offer a complete outsourced solution
  • knowledgeable and experienced team
  • agile operating model

Inbound, outbound or both

Experienced in using client billing/CRM solutions

Member of the Institute of Customer Service

Customer-centric, empathetic approach

We deliver early arrears services for both water and energy companies

0 % of customers...

 should not be classed as ‘in debt’ in the first place. Arrears occur due to forgetfulness, inaccurate bills or when payment is withheld at protest.

Operating with a customer service mind-set

We help you act sooner to mitigate avoidable customer debt

We help you align customer experience and debt activities closer than ever before

We deploy a range of cost effective on and off-line customer communications

Our agents are expert users of multiple utilty billing and CRM platforms

Reducing avoidable arrears

Early intervention can be highly effective once a customer falls into arrears, but there is more we can all do to prevent instances of debt even occurring. Active listening, regular touchpoints and proactive alerts, reminders and warnings can all help, and what’s more customers are calling out for this support.

0 %

of consumers said their supplier didn’t work with them enough to prevent them falling into arrears

0 %

of consumers felt there was a negative stigma attached to asking for help when in financial difficulty

As a customer service specialist, with end-to-end debt capability, we are ideally placed to help build and support your pre-arrears strategies.

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