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Truly tackling energy theft can seem like an uphill struggle, especially in amongst other pressing issues such as the smart meter roll out.

Reassuring to know then, that in our experience 75% of visits can be carried out by non-technical resource with the same or better outcomes. 

Looking for ways to meet your Ofgem incentive target? Let us help… 

A specialist system

We tailor our system, built specifically for energy theft investigation, to your requirements. Set up to receive complex live data feeds throughout the day, we analyse the data you send and utilise our field scheduling tool to assign both high priority cases (where there is a likely safety issue) and standard priority cases, to the right investigators at the right time.

The right people

Our team of 100+ field investigators cover all areas of the UK enabling us to respond effectively and swiftly to your needs, often with an urgent same day response. We’re not just quick, we’re also highly prepared whilst ensuring the safety of our teams remains paramount. Our investigators are fully trained in energy theft investigation, equipped with specialist tools and skilled in spotting even the most covert instances of tampering.

Full investigation

Investigating successfully may take one or more visits to the customer property dependent upon meter location, whether access to the property can be gained, and whether a warrant is required. As well as being trained in identifying meter tampering, our investigators are also highly skilled in identifying a range of customer vulnerabilities and acting on this in line with your requirements.

Ensuring safety

Through the delivery of our full range of services, we are experienced in working day in day out with engineers, locksmiths, dog handlers and the police. Where we uncover illegal activity, we won’t leave your customer’s premises until your chosen engineers, the network operator or the national grid have arrived and made the site safe. We liaise with all parties to ensure the investigation is successfully resolved.

Assessment and recovery

We use industry standard energy theft calculators to assess the value of gas or electricity stolen once a meter tamper has been positively identified.  These are built into our field agents’ iPads, enabling us to make this calculation on site.

As a leading utility sector debt collection agency, we can then confidently secure payment or arrange a sustainable payment plan in most cases to help our clients recover what’s owed, ensuring we treat each case individually. A true end to end solution.

Case closure

We provide real-time feedback from site, updating you on important details and the investigation outcome; be it illegal or non-illegal. Where required, we collect all crucial evidence, seal and either store or return the meter in question.

Should you request storage, we retain meters in their evidence bags at our secure facility in Sheffield for 12 months in line with P.A.C.E. and HSE guidelines.  Storage is close to our operation so access to meters can be supported easily and flexibly.

If you have alternative storage arrangements, once a meter is removed, our agent will bag and label the evidence for you, also completing any police reports needed.

Of course, not all investigations uncover illegal activity

Here, we specialise in managing the situation in a sensitive and empathetic manner, ensuring that investigation activity is handled in the right way, minimising any risks to your customer relationships and brand reputation.

0 % of UK residents...

would turn a blind eye to energy theft despite 92% agreeing that the practice is morally wrong. A number of justifications arose including the fact that it “wasn’t their business”, that they would not want to betray a friend or family member involved, or if they thought the person in question was doing it for a valid reason.

Our end to end service includes...

Warrant application and execution where required

Store or return suspect meters

Priority cases visited same day

100% UK mainland coverage

Full customer data cleanse and update

Geo-tagged photographs to support visit notes

We’re an active member of the UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA), the UK trade body covering meter tampering interests and the illegal abstraction of electricity and gas. Recently we’ve led UKRPA-organised workshops around how to identify tampered meters. 

We also work really hard to support the energy sector in raising consumer and landlord awareness of energy theft and its dangers, regularly issuing press releases and more in-depth articles across the UK media. This is important to us as we believe tackling energy theft has to be a collective responsibility.

0 % of consumers...

 don’t currently know how to spot signs that energy theft is taking place. This percentage increases with age with just 13% of 45-54s and 18% of over 55s expressing confidence in being able to spot the signs of meter tampering.

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