We are customer engagement experts


Our teams are people people, attuned to the real importance of identifying and considering the many different circumstances of vulnerability that may be affecting your customers. Every customer matters, and we prioritise understanding each and every case to ensure an appropriate outcome.

Supporting vulnerability is at the heart of what we do

We engage over 600,000 customers per year, and are therefore in a great position to be able to both identify and support your customers who may be dealing with difficult circumstances through no fault of their own:

All agents are trained to recognise multiple types of vulnerability

We are highly skilled in identifying previously unknown vulnerabilities

We can update your existing customer vulnerability profiles

We can support you to more actively promote your support schemes

We signpost customers to relevant debt charities who can offer guidance

Understanding a customer’s personal circumstances is something we always do before we take any action. It’s the only way we know if tailored support is needed and if the action will work.

Russ Brewin, Head of Field Operations​

Did you know…

Our debt recovery research has highlighted worryingly low levels of consumer awareness of utility sector customer support schemes

0 %

said they didn’t receive enough support to prevent them from falling into arrears in the first place.

Only 0 %

knew that their water provider could offer home visits for those with the most severe needs.

Only 0 %

knew they could access discounted tariffs if they fell behind on their payments.

Only 0 %

knew they could apply for help from charitable trusts.

Only 0 %

were aware that their water company could signpost them to free debt advice.

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