Taking informed action in the field


We believe in doing everything we possibly can to resolve customer accounts without invoking a warrant. As a company with a rich heritage in both customer service and debt collection, we focus on positive engagement with customers across multiple channels – including field visits. 

In most cases, our proven customer-centric approach delivers a fair and sustainable outcome for both client and customer; taking into account both personal circumstances and any vulnerabilities.

However, there are occasions where a warrant becomes necessary and we are also able to provide this service.

One of the UK's largest and most experienced providers

Sometimes as a very last resort, you’ll need to switch a meter to pre-payment. We’re vastly experienced in this area and focus on engaging sensitively with customers whilst fully understanding circumstances. Our people are passionate about great customer service, even in the most challenging and difficult situations.

What’s more, we have a deep understanding of customer vulnerability, proactively identifying circumstances in the field to ensure you help customers at most need to stay on supply.

We manage over


Warrant accounts per year

Our debt warrant services are used by


UK energy suppliers


From beginning to end, we do it all

We coordinate the whole process, from the pre-warrant visit right through to the meter exchange (where needed), keeping you fully updated along the way. It’s a proven approach, one that is already successfully delivered for 15 of the UK’s energy companies.

Make a change for the better

Our own debt collection research shows a clear link between how suppliers treat customers in arrears and the impact this has on brand loyalty, advocacy and reputation.

60% of customers felt that their supplier didn’t value them as a customer once they fell into arrears


51% of customers told us the debt collection process made them feel more negative about their supplier


51% of customers would look to switch provider if they experienced perceived poor debt collection practices


What’s clear is that debt collection practices can, and do, lead to lasting brand perception damage.

That’s why we employ and train our people first and foremost to be customer engagement specialists, skilled and experienced in negotiating pragmatic and positive outcomes. ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ principles underpin all that we do. That’s where we’re refreshingly different.

The changing SMART world

With the SMART roll out fully in swing across the UK, it’s clear that smart meters have the potential to change the ways you – and in turn us – work when it comes to customer arrears.

And, although smart meters can be remotely switched over from credit to pre-payment, you’ll still need to visit to check for vulnerabilities and notify your customers. We’re on hand to help you navigate these changes and make decisions on how your processes and operations might need to evolve.

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