Vulnerable Customers

Whilst calling on customers of our clients we should always be vigilant to the situation where vulnerable customers maybe living within the property.

Vulnerable customers should be defined as those who are either:-

a) The elderly

b) The infirmed

c) The mentally handicapped

d) Anyone with impaired sight, hearing or speech

e) Where young children under the age of 12 years live at the property

On visiting a customer always be conscious of the surroundings inside the home as this may give clues regarding a vulnerable customer.

Should, through your observations or through a conversation with a customer, you discover what you would perceive to be a vulnerable customer you should note the information, giving details of the situation on your report.

Further, you should advise the client of the situation that you have found so that they may update their records.

Finally, you should highlight your report to indicate that this customer may be in need of help from Social Services or Social Security. 

Should your call be to execute a warrant where we were previously unaware of a vulnerable customer in the premises, you must immediately advise the client and ourselves that you consider this to be a vulnerable customer and request that a decision be made as to whether you should proceed.

Whatever the decision you should obtain the name of the person or supervisor that has made the decision and ensure that this information is recorded on your documents.

All clients are very conscious of their image and would not wish to seem uncaring in these situations, once made aware.

Should you consider that you are being asked to disconnect a customer that is in a vulnerable situation, we would ask that you contact our offices so that we may seek approval from a senior manager within that client.