Grosvenor Services Group Ltd is committed to putting customers at the centre of its strategy. The Directors and Staff of Grosvenor Services Group Ltd are committed to providing the highest standard of service possible. Our clients’ customers need to feel confident that we are fully committed to fair treatment and that this remains central to the culture of our business.

Our Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy is designed to ensure that we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients’ customers and take responsibility for the company and staff at all levels. This is done by providing an enhanced service quality, based on a culture of openness and transparency. As a company, we take treating customers fairly very seriously.

There are six key themes to this policy:

  1. Consumers should be confident that they are dealing with firms where treating customers fairly is embedded in the corporate culture
  2. Services marketed and sold are done so with the aim that they meet the needs of clients and are targeted accordingly
  3. Consumers should be provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the service provision
  4. Where advice is provided, it takes into account a client’s individual circumstances
  5. The service provided is of an acceptable standard
  6. Consumers do not face unreasonable barriers to make a complaint

We have set out below how we aim to ensure these principles are embedded in our approach to dealing with our clients.


The collections team operate under a comprehensive recovery policy. The Policy describes our collectors’ responsibilities to our clients’ customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties and who may be vulnerable. Staff are strictly guided to ensure that customers only enter into payment commitments which they can reasonably afford based on their financial conditions and personal circumstances. Our collectors’ work is regularly audited to ensure that the recovery criteria is maintained.


All staff are subject to in depth training and are then closely monitored and managed to ensure they maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and service levels to meet and surpass our clients’ customers’ expectations.

Our ongoing training highlights to all staff the importance and the fundamental principles of TCF & Customer Vulnerability throughout all areas of the business.

In addition, each employee is provided with a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is updated at regular appraisals. Our company ensures that all employees undertake Continues Professional Development (CPD).

All our phone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. A minimum of one call per week is audited for each employee. The call is assessed against our Call Audit Checklist to ensure TCF and Vulnerability criteria are continually maintained. Any shortcomings are addressed immediately with the employee and a skills gap analysis is performed to ensure that the required skills and knowledge are maintained or provided for at all times.

Customer Communication

We aim to provide all communications with our customers, whether oral or written, in a manner that is clear, fair and not misleading.

To this end, we are committed to:

  • Informing customers of rights and obligations
  • Obtaining sufficient information in order to understand our customers’ needs
  • Providing consistency for all of our customers in our dealings with them
  • Acting with integrity and the highest ethical standards at all times
  • Demonstrating a high level of flexibility in dealings with our customers
  • Providing information in ‘plain English’ and minimising the use of industry jargon in both written and oral communications
  • Measuring, maintaining and enhancing the commitment to fairness and demonstrating accountability in our actions

Staff Remuneration

All of our staff are salaried or receive a day rate. Where bonuses/rewards are available to staff these are based on both results and adherence to the collection criteria (including full alignment with TCF).

Management Information (MI)

We have comprehensive MI in place to monitor performance of our business. TCF MI is produced and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure any particular problems are identified and acted upon immediately.

Data Protection

We abide by the common principles of Data Protection and confidentiality and ensure compliance by:

  • Processing of personal and sensitive data in accordance with relevant data protection legislation
  • Promptly making available information in relation to the customer’s financial circumstances, any dispute or complaint, mental health problem in order to prevent collection activity from continuing where it is inappropriate to do so
  • Operating the appropriate controls to ensure that any exchange of data to any third party is lawful and adequately protected
  • Ensuring the appropriate data protection checks are carried out when speaking with customers to verify their identity and where necessary and appropriate, validate and update information received from the customer

Vulnerable Customers

It is essential that we as a business are able to offer the correct training and support to our staff ensuring they are able to maintain a high degree of skill in identifying and communicating with customers who are vulnerable. This can be both over the phone and face to face and will ensure that we as a business are able to offer customers the right level of support, services and solutions to their situations. We should also be mindful of their ability to make a decision and offer them details of businesses, charities or specialist teams that can help them but also ensure that they have someone with them to help them come to the right decision for them should this be required.

Because a customer is vulnerable doesn’t mean we are not able to offer our full range of solutions or services, it just means we may need to provide the detail about these in a way that helps the customer understand so they can make an informed decision.

We ensure that we provide a consistent approach across all operations and that all staff are aware of our Vulnerability Policy.

Vulnerability is always changing and we will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our vulnerability strategy and continue to provide training to staff, especially those on the front line.

Our communication to the customer will be clear throughout our processes to allow them to make an informed decision and to ensure they understand the route their account may go down and any ramifications that may occur.

Understanding and handling customers who are vulnerable has a heavy reliance on making contact with the customer initially, without this we can sometimes be unaware of a customer’s situation. We will utilise information provided by clients and also any information found on visits that may suggest a vulnerability in order to correctly handle the account ongoing.


Our Complaint Handling Policy is as follows:

Complaint Handling Policy

We are sorry you have had cause to complain. This page explains our complaints procedure and your rights if you remain dissatisfied.

Our commitment to you

  • We aim to respond to all complaints in a prompt, consistent and fair manner.
  • Your complaint will be investigated by a suitably trained representative who was not directly involved in the matter that is the subject of your complaint. The member of staff will either have the authority to settle your complaint or will have ready access to someone in a senior position within our business who has the authority.
  • If we are unable to resolve your complaint within four weeks of receipt, we will contact you to explain why we are not in a position to resolve your complaint and give you an indication of when we will make further contact.
  • In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved within eight weeks of original receipt, we will send you a letter explaining why we have still not resolved your complaint and tell you when we will make further contact.
  • Our final response will advise of our findings and, where appropriate, what action is being taken to resolve the matter. We will address the subject matter of your complaint, and where the complaint is upheld, we will offer a resolution that is consistent with treating all of our customers fairly.
  • If you telephone us during our investigation and the member of staff handling your complaint is not available, then another member of our team will be able to help you.

Your rights

  • If you are dissatisfied with our final response. You may refer the matter to our supervising body the Credit Services Association.
  • After Eight Weeks of Grosvenor being in receipt of your complaint, you have the right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, if we have replied or not.
  • If you decide to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, you must do this within 6 months of the date we issue our final response. After this time the FOS may refuse to consider this matter.

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint you can contact our Customer Services Team in any of the ways listed below:


Telephone: 0333 123 1471

In writing:

Complaints Department

St David’s House, 11 Drake House Crescent


S20 7HT


Credit Services Association (CSA)
2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way
Great Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE13 9BA
Tel: 0191 236 2709


Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza,
183 Marsh Wall, London
E14 9SR
Tel: 0300 123 9 123