Two Year Scottish Power Extension


We are delighted to announce that Scottish Power have granted us a new two-year contract for live debt recovery. Grosvenor and Scottish Power have enjoyed a long-standing and successful working relationship, having commenced working together in 2003. Since then, we have consistently been the top-performing Debt Collection Agency (DCA) on their panel and this has served us well in order to win this new contract.

We shall continue to provide live debt recovery solutions to Scottish Power, including conducting pre-disconnection / meter fitting visits, attending courts in order to apply for Warrants of Entry and executing these warrants all over the UK. In addition to this, Scottish Power utilise our services for many other tasks, including gathering information on accounts that have had a pre-payment meter installed, but aren’t recording any usage.

Group Managing Director, Lloyd Birkhead, commented:

“It is an honour to be able to sign this new contract and continue the fantastic working relationship that we have developed with Scottish Power over the previous eleven years. All of our staff are delighted and should see it as a great compliment to all of their effort and hard work. The challenge now is for us to continue to be the top performing agency on the panel for the length of this contract, as we have done so successfully over the previous eleven years.”

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