Sheffield schools brush up on gas safety with Grosvenor Services Group

Utility specialists Grosvenor Services Group, part of Echo Managed Services, has been visiting schools in Sheffield, this autumn, to raise awareness about the importance of gas safety, following Gas Safety Week.


The Grosvenor team started the safety tour in Prince Edward Primary School, where the company’s managing director, Lloyd Birkhead announced the winner of the gas safety poster competition. Children from all years were invited to design a poster and the competition received an impressive 77 entries – with one lucky winner in year 3.


Russ Brewin, head of field operations at Echo Managed Services also visited Meadowhead School and gave students an introduction to gas safety. Pupils were taught about the dangers of meter tampering and the long-term impacts of energy theft.


Grosvenor has been actively engaged in the fight against energy theft for a number of years, working with the UK energy sector to detect and make safe instances of meter tampering – not only does this practice cause at least one death or injury every 10 days in the UK, but it also adds an extra £20 on to every household’s bill.


Lloyd Birkhead, managing director of Grosvenor Services Group, said: “Energy theft is a growing problem which is often overlooked in society, so it can be difficult for awareness of the dangers to filter down to young people, especially when many adults are also unaware of the risks. Having the opportunity to visit schools and equip the pupils with better information, is the first step towards educating the next generation of energy customers and creating safer homes on a broader scale.”


A spokesperson at Meadowhead School: “It was great having Grosvenor Services come into Meadowhead School and raise awareness around the dangers of energy theft. The students really enjoyed the session and found it to be eye opening and educational. Meadowhead are particularly proud to be the first secondary school involved in this innovative initiative with Grosvenor, and are happy to be involved in such forward-thinking projects in the future.”

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