Grosvenor Services are one of the leading firms
of bailiffs.

We operate throughout mainland United Kingdom.

We are able to handle high volume accounts including council tax collection, parking fine enforcement, asset repossessions and national non-domestic rates collections.

All bailiffs employed are certificated by the Court Service.

Overdue Commercial Rents
Our bailiffs are empowered by the Courts to act on behalf of a commercial property owner, or their agent, to recover overdue rents in accordance with current legislation.

Upon receipt of instructions, a bailiff will visit the premises and request immediate, full payment. If necessary our bailiff is able to seize goods for auction in order to discharge the debt. However, the normal course of action at this stage is to levy on sufficient goods to discharge the debt and associated costs, allowing the tenant a short period of time in which to settle the debt. Should the debt remain unpaid after this period, our bailiff will return and seize the goods for subsequent sale.

Our methods of collecting overdue commercial rent are proven, effective and expedient. An additional benefit of instructing a certificated bailiff is that the procedure does not include an application to the Court, which often results in delay.
Lease Forfeitures
Should a tenant be in breach of their lease terms, a commercial property owner, or their agent, can instruct a Grosvenor bailiff to conduct a lease forfeiture. Our bailiff will take possession of the building and return it to the owner.

We will, upon receiving instructions to carry out a lease forfeiture, deal with it through to its conclusion, including arranging a locksmith to change the locks where required.
Removal of Unauthorised Occupants
In the event of unauthorised occupancy of commercial buildings, or land, which may often be associated with travellers, a commercial property owner, or their agent, can instruct our experienced team of bailiffs to remove the trespassers and their property.

It is a common misconception that in order remove these unauthorised trespassers a lengthy legal process is necessary. Using Common Law powers, our bailiffs can, without involvement of a Court, quickly and peaceably remove such people and their property.